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About Richard Nicolosi

Richard Nicolosi initially gained his business experience at Procter & Gamble where he grew up in marketing and brand management, and then "graduated" into general management as: Youngest-ever Sector President, youngest-ever Group Vice President, and youngest-ever Corporate Vice President. At P&G, he was charged with the oversight of many of its leading businesses: soaps, detergents, cleaning products, their soft drinks business and their full range of paper products.

Having succeeded in tripling the profits of P&G's global paper products businesses, he was then invited by Scott Paper to restructure and grow their global brands and to position the Company for sale. At Scott, he initiated innovative business strategies, new products, new packaging and more effective advertising and, in so doing, doubled both operating profit (to $700+ million) and ROI (to an exceptional 23%) in less than two years. In 1995, Scott was then sold to Kimberly Clark in a deal valued at $9.1 billion.

It was during this process that a partner at Apollo Advisors asked him to repeat the exercise - the turnaround of one of its portfolio companies, Samsonite, a $900 million manufacturer of luggage (Samsonite, American Tourister and Lark). The Company was losing money and its share price had been languishing at $10 to $12. After he had restructured, streamlined and refocused the business, he was able to generate earnings-per-share of $2.50. This, in turn, led to the Company receiving a tender offer (accepted) for 50% of the shares at $40 per share (a deal sponsored by Oppenheimer/CIBC). This happened in less than two years.

Today, Nicolosi shares this proven experience to help make client companies the best they can be.

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